Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wildlife Management Post

We plant more in the summer than we do in the fall for wildlife.  Many hunters, not wildlife managers, plant only in the fall.  This helps but the more food wildlife have the better condition they will be in.  Bucks need more protein in the spring and summer to develop better racks.  Many of these plantings made in the summer are also for winter food for wildlife.  The corn and grain sorghum left in the field provides energy that cool season grass food plots don't.  This field in the picture is being prepared for planting chufa.  If you have ever planted chufa you know that this becomes a field that wild turkey will use all year round.  It always amazes me how turkeys love chufa.    
We also plant soybeans and sunflowers besides the corn, chufa and grain sorghum.  The sunflowers are planted for birds of all kinds, from turkeys and quail to song birds.  The soybeans are mainly planted for the deer even though other animals will feed on them but most are eaten by the deer before beans are actually produced.  It is the increased amount of protein made available to the deer from the forage the reason we plant them.  Another thing we do that really helps the deer is to fertilize the kudzu we have growing on the property.  This also increases the amount of protein made available to the deer.  Bucks, does, and fawns benefit greatly from this increase in protein.  It is amazing how the deer will nearly kill the kudzu from grazing on it.  If you fertilize a spot and not fertilize the other you will be able to tell exactly where you applied the fertilizer.
With all this  being said, don't go and plant kudzu for wildlife management.  It is a pesky weed, hard to control but if you have it on your property and are managing for deer then make it work for you.  In our county in Alabama it is hard to find 40 acres that has no kudzu on it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wildlife and Certification

Yesterday I posted information about this doe that lives in our backyard that had been hurt by something back in early February.  Go to to see the post about this deer.

Also, I have added information about the Tree Farm assessment to the "Certification" tab on this site.  Friday, we will be going through the on site visit for the assessment.

One other bit of information, our Classroom in the Forest visit was postponed due to the weather and we are now working on rescheduling before schools are out for the summer. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Maintaining Trails/Growing Children

We are to host fifth grade students from schools in the county next week for "Classroom in the Forest".  This week we worked on preparing the trail next to the pond for the students.  My granddaughter, who is five and likes to help, staked rocks on the edge of the trail as I blew leaves from the walking area.
She loves working outdoors, planting plants and doing whatever needs to be done.  She wanted to make the trail nice for those visiting her trail next week:)
Do you think she will be attached to the land?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forest Management

A video was posted of a prescribed burn, 2014, under Forest Management tab.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kick Off

Today we kicked off our Private Forest Landowner site.  We have felt a need for a site written by and designed by a private landowner for private landowners.  We will post articles and experiences unique to private forest landowners.  We hope this site will be of help to you!