Monday, February 22, 2016

Boundary Lines

Painting boundary lines can be a messy job if you are like me.  My wife told me today that I had blue paint on my ear.  That didn't surprise me because that just happens in the briers and thickets.  Property lines don't always go through the easy trails.
This painting was a repaint job so it was easier than painting new lines.  Tools I use when painting starts with a cheap paint brush, and something to scrape the bark off the tree to make it easier to paint and the paint will stay on longer.  I have used a machete but now I use a drawknife.  The drawknife works the best and you do less damage to the witness tree.  Keeping your property marked has many advantages.  It helps keep hunters safer by staying on the property they have permission to hunt and other hunters on adjoining landowners can know when they are at a boundary. 
 Heirs will know where the property lines are if something should happen to you.  Our grandchildren know when they see blue paint that this is the boundary line for their property.  They always mention the blue paint.  There are several colors of paint you can use.  I always buy from Nelson paint which is located in Montgomery, Alabama.  If you don't know the correct way to paint the lines you need to get someone that knows how to paint the lines the correct way the first time for you and then in the future you could do the repaint. 
Lines have to be repainted between five and eight years, depending on the quality of paint.