Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wild Power

Curse or blessing, it's what you make it.  Have you heard that before?  This can be true if you have a transmission power line that goes through your property.  You loose acreage on you property so you try to make it to your advantage.  We use the area as a wildlife opening to plant cool and warm season crops for wildlife.  Alabama Power has a program called "Wild Power" that helps off-set some of the cost for establishing these areas.  It is a winning situation for both parties because they help with funding which helps the landowner and you help them by keeping the right-of-way accessible to the power company by plowing and bush hogging the right-of-way each year.  This helps them by their not having to pay to keep the area open for access.
This plowed area has been planted in brown-top millet and chufa for wild turkeys.

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