Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Are You Doing About It?

How many times do I hear older adults saying something about all these electronics?  Others say children depend too much on video toys.  Well, what are you doing about it?  That is the question I am about to address.  I will try to give you one suggestion for "Doing something about it."
There are numerous ways for building interest for your children or grandchildren in getting outdoors while learning and enjoying the forest. 
One project my wife and I just completed with our grandchildren was naming a road, trail or other place on our property after them.  We not only called this special spot with their name but we purchased a sign for each one of them with their name on it and took a day with them to place the sign on the property.
They loved doing this.  They have their own piece of the property that they can claim ownership of.
This project has been great for us in helping them appreciate the property GOD has blessed us to own.  Our oldest grandson, who likes electronics too and lives in our instant world of entertainment, said "Grandmother I am sure glad we have this land!"
That makes it all worth while.
So if the younger children you are with are not interested in the forest, shame on you! 
What are you going to do about it?
Oh, by the way, the parents of these children were also out on the property that day making photographs of wildflowers and repairing treestands.

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