Friday, March 13, 2015

Tree Planting Issue

Below is an email I received that could effect tree planting in our area.  If you have reforestation work done on your property I would encourage you to click on the link below and send the information they have already prepared for you as a response. 

US Department of Labor Stops Processing H-2B Visa Applications
In response to an adverse judicial decision, on March 5th the US Department of Labor said it would stop accepting or processing H-2B visa applications, effectively shutting down the H-2B guestworker visa program.  Nothing in the judge’s order compelled DOL to take this action, but they apparently felt it was appropriate. 
The forest industry has long depended on this program for a legal supply of labor from Central America and Mexico for planting trees and other labor-intensive forestry tasks.  This decision in mid-season for many employers has precipitated a crisis and WE MUST RESPOND.
Please click on the following link for more information about the issue and how you can do your part to address this important issue.
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