Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update To Forest Roads

In less than a week we will be having a forestry tour on our property which will be addressing a stream crossing and water diversions on forest roads.  We take special care in protecting the watershed on our property.  Some may say it is an overkill, but I think you should do all possible to protect the soil, water and other natural resources on your property.  

Below is a picture of progression of the work we just completed. 
The water diversions were put in on the roads using a John Deere 660 dozier.

This is what the road looked like as the construction progressed.

As soon as the soil moving was complete, three large round bales of hay were scattered over all the exposed soil after seed and fertilizer was applied.

Before planting and mulching.

After planting and mulching.
This was a family affair. I had both my son and daughter and their five children, my grandchildren, helping me scatter the last bale of hay. Children ages one to eight, some worked more than others.

Seed germination is encouraged and erosion discouraged by applying the hay.

This is what the road now looks like as the grass begins to grow after the rain.
This is just some of the things people will see next week on the tour.

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