Thursday, November 12, 2015

Road Construction by Mulching

Building a road from mulching is a new project we are trying to see how it will work.  In the future we will be adding gravel to the road in places where needed,  Where we are in Alabama most of our property is hilly.  Erosion can become a problem quickly because of the grade.  We purchased this piece of property to give us access to another public road so we don't have to ask permission to haul our wood out or what ever we might be doing on the north end of our property.  I marked the location of the road with the thought of log trucks using it and with the least amount of disturbance to the property.  A mulching machine cut the road through the forest and we will not have to worry about erosion for now with only a jeep, occasional tractor and sometimes a pickup traveling the road.  This road makes for a good hiking trail.  We are now installing a gate at the public road to control access to the property.

More pictures from the work.
This is through the mature pine stand.

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