Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meetings, Meetings and more Meetings

Senator Shelby
US Senator, Richard Shelby, spoke to the Farmers Federation at the annual meeting but the highlight of the meeting was hearing Michael Reagan speak, talking about his father, the greatest US President of my lifetime.

Last week was a week of meetings and I didn't get much accomplished on Dewberry Lands. Monday was our Clay County Farmers Federation Christmas Party.  I was in Montgomery on Tuesday for a Farmers Federation State Wildlife Committee meeting of which I am a  member.  Then on Thursday it was a board meeting in Birmingham for the Alabama Treasure Forest Association, the treasurer had to be there.  Then Sunday thru Tuesday in Montgomery was the annual meeting of the Alabama Farmers Federation.

Well you might say "Why do you volunteer for all these meetings when you don't get paid"?  Sometimes I ask myself this question but the knowledge I gain from others and the fellowship made with others that I have met and now call friends makes it worth while.  I get to hear speakers that I never would have heard if I was not involved.

So, I suggest to you, look at ways you can volunteer your time to serve others in your profession and you will be rewarded!

Oh, my oldest grandson and I went hunting last Saturday and we cut a Christmas Tree off our property and it is now decorated. You always have to make time for the things that are most important.

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