Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Things Happening On Our Land

Last week we had firebreaks raked  out around 125 acres of 22 year old loblolly pines in preparation for a controlled burn.  This burn is to control undergrowth and to improve the wildlife habitat.  This will make the fourth time this stand has been burned for management.  A prescribed fire helps keep down the danger of wildfire and the risk of damage to the trees and wildlife.
Other happenings:
We have started a timber harvest on this tract of mature trees that joins another tract of 3 year old longleaf pines.  We are going to convert this tract to longleaf pines also.  We are having some good wood harvested on this tract that will be made into lumber and plywood for new home construction.  Longleaf seedlings will be planted here as soon as possible after the harvest.  All of our property is on native mountain longleaf  pine sites and we are converting all our sites back to longleaf pine where it is feasible to use prescribed fire as a management tool.  Planting and managing  longleaf pines really helps improve the habitat for wildlife.   

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