Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 Tree Planting

We put in the fire breaks on our newest tract that we harvested the timber on in 2016.  This tract is being converted to native mountain longleaf pines.  It joins a six year old 40 acre tract of longleaf pines that we did a prescribed burn on in March of 2016.
After the breaks were put in we did a site prep prescribed burn.  The main litter to burn was the piles of logging slash left over from the harvest in 2016.  We had enough wind that we really got a better burn than we had anticipated.  
Some of the site had small piles of limbs and these areas burned very well.  As you can see this site will not be any trouble to plant now.  The Piedmont variety of longleaf pine seedlings will be used in this reforestation
On Valentine Day we planted this 15 acre tract with Mountain Longleaf Pines.  This will be a beautiful forest on day.  Looking forward to the rain we are supposed to get tonight which will settle these seedlings in for their growth through the years on this property.  

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